Sunday, September 28, 2014

PBA Life

So I dont think I make much of a mention about it here on my blog but Ive been bowling quite a bit lately and Ive become decent IMO. Tonight I had my best average since I started bowling and I had another game that was 10 strikes out of 12 needed for a perfect game. Ive had that happen a few times in the last 2 weeks and not gonna even front I want a 300 game for sure. Would be a good random conversation piece if for nothing else. I still dont have any desire to bowl in a league or compete at it for some reason which is fine by me. Keeping it fun and just enjoying the challenge of the activity. Would love to blog a 300 game but for now just blog about the pursuit of one hehe.

Scored 2 14hr days this week. Monday and Tuesday my receiver is out @RMC so Ill fill his shoes for the days. Should be good to keep stacking the OT hours. If I can somehow get lucky and my other coworker calls in I would go into double time rate LOL fingers crossed hahaha Thats all for now- funeral Tuesday for the homie George Esquivel. Solid dude and gonna be a bummer saying goodbye to him classy guy always a good time talking to him and going to be like I said a bummer. Much respect though and love that dude.

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