Thursday, September 18, 2014


Well well well. Seems the NFL has somehow stumbled into a straight up shit show of suspending players in the past 2 weeks or so for several different off the field issues and a common reoccurring theme seems to be violence... I sit back and think well something about this seems a little extreme, you just gonna nix someones job or career because of a mistake? Dont we all make mistakes? Well thats my initial thought and its pretty short lived. Listen you idiots who are so blessed with the opportunity to be professional athletes but cant seem to wrap your heads around common sense- STOP FUCKING UP. Plain and simple. The same reason that you are paid multi million dollar contracts and sponsorships are the same reasons that you should try and be upstanding citizens. Companies get behind you to be impressionable and push that this pair of shoes is the next cool thing and this pair of shorts is the new hot trend. In that same boat if you smack your lady up you open the conversation for someone to say well now he is promoting this negative behavior as well. You are lucky to be in the spotlight to earn the big check, but the same spotlight will only get brighter when you make a bad mistake. I guess I feel "sorry" for the first dudes who gonna be the example for the rest of the athletes but at the same time, you made the decisions you made and now you gotta own the consequences. Sorry fellas sometimes you gotta get hung out to dry to realize you had it so well. Hope you stacked up some of that signing bonus money cuz financial times fiddna get rough for alot of these assholes.

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