Wednesday, September 3, 2014


"we aint buddies, we aint partners and we damn sure aint friends" haha fitting set of words for tonight. Get notified of a fuckin FB status about me and how Im not involved with some people or in their lives. Like WTF? Spin your social media propaganda all you want and stack up the likes and prayer requests all day long and rest your mind in the hope that all that nonsense is going to sway my decisions in any way. Yeah best of luck with that. Instead of worrying about how to get me in your life I suggest you just make your life so awesome that I might go seeking to get involved with you. Now here is a little secret, Ill never come seeking that no matter what you do but I sincerely hope the best for you however I just dont rock with you. When I depart from someone I don't do it for the fun and the attention, its a calculated decision and its purpose meant. Best of luck in the future and Im sincere as I can be, you can achieve greatness and I may even applaud you from afar, but please believe I will not be rockin with you ever. #factsonly

 Onto more awesome things we gettin money and we currently doin the most and always lookin to improve. ufck with me you know i got it. jay z

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