Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Good Ol George

So today is the day collectively a whole slew of people will say our last good bye to George Esquivel. I've known the entire Esquivel family for about 10 years or so and they a solid group from top to bottom. The kids all raced throughout our teen years and that's when I spent the bulk amount of time around them. In that time I got really close with George and Anna and they are truly genuine people. I've gone to several races with them George would always make it a point to find out if I needed a ride or had one situated, he would never let me miss a race on account of  something he could control type of guy. That always went over well with me because I try and be that same type of man as I grow. Anna and him would even let me crash at their house  the night before leaving to a race early just so I wouldn't have to wake up as early. Always there with some tools as well I can't even explain how many times Id be in the back of the suburban sifting through George's tools and he would be thrilled to have me get things sorted out. And I'm sure everyone else will attest that George always beyond a shadow of a doubt would watch closely every lap and if you wanted his expert opinion he would let you know where you could pick up a second and where you were looking strong. Several times it would be cold at the local track and he would yell for me to come and sit with him and anna and start the truck to get the heater going. Hot chocolate? Yeah. Dude always ordered an extra 1 or 2 because someone would be able to benefit from a little kindness. The truck talks were always good and usually team related or what race was next or how work was going. George never cared if you were the fastest guy on the gate or never even qualifying he knew life was more than trophies and points and he was a perfect example of that. I say to people a lot to pay things forward and George was that same type of guy and that's why I respect him and always will. Thanks George for all the kind memories and all the conversations through the years. Your family has always been  special to me and  will always be looked after to the best of my ability. Love ya man and until we meet again.

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