Monday, February 18, 2008

Card Shark?

Haha so this weekend I didnt go to the so*cal national which I was pretty bummed about because I need a change of scenery pretty bad. Ive always been like that about 2-3 weeks at home and Im ready to see something else for a few days. A few rides flaked out and my sister didnt want to go anymore so she was the last hope, her kids all ride so I figured she'd take them but no dice.

Anyway went to the local track friday nite and ran gates for them which was pretty easy just press 2 buttons for awhile haha It was really cold as usual but it was fun and just did the norm- talk shit about bmx and hang out.

Saturday my grandma came over for a party we were going to next door, for my cousins bday. Party was fun food was ok nothing great but good enough and me and Bj my sisters husband went to the worlds largest shithole aka Walmart and grabbed some ping pong stuff. The shit was on and I figured I was gonna have a good laugh at Bj's expense because I always just barely beat him. Fuck no hes been practicing and my knee wasnt helping. That fool ran me like 5 games straight. I thought about hangin myself but figured I prolly shouldnt its just a game right? Ill be watching the ping pong channel from now on though...

Sunday morning woke up and I wasnt planning on going to church because my knee wont handle sitting still for 2hours so I slept in a bit while the family went. Got to the track and Jaycob was gonna race because i told him 1 more win and he turns intermediate, he was sketch cuz his chain was all rusted from reno. I lied to him and told him after the 10th time he asked me to put oil on it that I did because it was gettin annoying. The bike was running fine didnt look the best but it was riding just as usual and hes a sucker for head games if you tell him his bike is slow hell think automatically hes going to lose. So fibbed to him told him i hooked it up and it was spinning fast again. He barely won it and he was psyked to get the move up trophy, so well see how long he likes racing intermediate he'll be at the bottom of the food chain but if he wants to he can get faster its all up to him. Nicole my niece beat Thomas my nephew because he was BS'ing the 3rd round and she nipped him at the line. Bj was typically mad because Thomas didnt win every lap but you have to take the kids to ride places if you expect them to get better. The kids did all get new jerseys though and they looked matching again so they were happy and thats all that matters.

So yeah the card shark :) I played cards the last 2 nights with my folks and my nana and cashed out like 80bucks. I was psyked and it works because I need to smog my car so haha easy come easy go i guess? Lol

Lastly I got my first $crilla donation to get some new shit going. In total Ill have 5 grand to invest in some shit, Prolly do a small run of frames or something like that... 5 racks aint a bunch but it will get something started and itll give me something to do while Im laid up for a few more months, I need to come up with a name for a bike co. but its harder than youd think I guess... Stay tuned mayn!

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