Monday, February 11, 2008

Virgin Post!

So here it is, after wanting to start some kind of journal for like the past 5-6 years it took my broken a$$ knee to get me to sit down and get it done. The first few posts are going to be about my knee and the progress with it and me getting back to hopefully 100% health and returning to riding. Ill have pics and stories and all that good stuff, and Im full of stories from travels and trips so hopefully people that check it out will enjoy it. Its not so much for alot of people to see and to become some famous blogger guy but I want to tell some stories and if people like it awesome if not oh well Ill be psyked on it either way. Stay tuned and I plan on updating pretty often so check back and hope you enjoy it- Nick Dawg


arturo said...

Nice about time we heard the times and life of nick dawg!

B.MAD. said...

About time we heard about the times and adventures of NickDawg!!!