Thursday, February 21, 2008

6 Stars?

What up? Its Thursday Im bored for the what seems to be 50th day in a row. Without my computer i think I would have gone crazy by now I swear. Anyway so Im finally going to get my tattoo Ive been wanting for like 2 years... I met a guy that has been doing work for like 20 years and he sent me some pics of his stuff but I lost them in me email somehow but it doesnt matter the stuff looked good and Im finally going to get 6 stars 3 on each side of my body. They are going to be really good if they come out the way I am hoping they are and they should be pretty unique. Ive never seen any like it before but Im sure the next day after I get mine someone will tell me its been done before thats how it always happens LOL. They are gonna be pretty basic stars similar to if you had a solid star cutout and you laid it on your side and spray painted over it, so the "overspray" will be the ink and your skin will be the star. The best part is its not gonna cost me much at all im gonna trade off some product for it since the guy rides :) Im going to AZ for 2 weeks then to Texas for a weekend and Im going to get it done while Im in AZ. Ive wanted them for awhile but it never worked out for lots of reasons but now that Im hurt I dont have to worry about any healing stuff and riding messing anything up, so that works out well. Steve the guy whos gonna do it was talkin to me about it, and Im like a few people said itll be a bitch over my rips and hes like dude you just had ACL surgery youll laugh at it. Hope that fucker is right haha. if I come home with a star and a ahlf well know I was a big baby :) LOL Enjoy this graffiti piece if your into that kinda stuff cuz I know I am. Shits clean.

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