Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stitches no mas'

So I went to the doctor today and got my stitches pulled out they were in a few days too long as I suspected so they didnt come out too easily... Kinda sucked but my leg felt better once they were all gone. Talked to the surgeon she said everything went very well and since my knee was going down quickly she didnt want to pull any fluid with a needle she said its going down fast and my range of motion was @ 120 degrees which is good your full range is at 145 degrees so Im doing good already. She told me 6 months until activity but didnt say full activity or anything specific so well see.... She also said 5 weeks until she needs to see me again but she didnt give me a referral to therapy soIm kinda stuck for the next 5 weeks but I have a few therabands and stuff so once Im feeling good I have lots of stuff I know of that I was doing pre surgery... No knee pic today because it looks just like it did before so you aint missing much. I was annoyed waiting at the doctor though I just remembered that my appt. was @ 11:30 so me being punctual showed up at 11:15 and didnt get called into the room until 12:55 which sucks, but like its all but free so thanks again Valley Med. Thats it for now Im gonna end up stayin in town which sucks this weekend but Im not giving up yet... 909 riverside shit!

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