Monday, February 11, 2008

So heres the 1st pics of my knee. I guess surgery went well I showed up at 7:45 early as always, Got asked if I did drugs like 25 times it was kinda annoying but I like sayin no to that question all the time... Smoke? nope, Drink? nope, Drugs? nope, Street Drugs? nope- But WTF is the difference between drugs and street drugs haha. Finally got into the little room where they change you into the gown and stuff. Get changed and the guy makes a comment about how I am fast, I think to make a joke and say dont tell the girls that but I decline cuz he doesnt look like hed laugh much kinda serious looking dude. Anyway he tells me to wear a sheet like Im superman on my back and Im like WTF? Kinda odd I laughed and got my superman on hopped onto a bed and he rolled me into a setup kinda room. He gets on his cell and proceeds to talk to a GUY about their date later that night. Haha me and my bust up laughing about how hes gay and just saw my wang so it was pretty funny. Kinda akward the rets of the pre-op stuff though LOL. They pitch this "nerve-block" thing to me about how it will keep me from waking up really in pain so I agree and its a trip as they like do an ultrasound to locate my big artery in my leg and make sure they dont come near it because youll bleed out in like 8minutes if they hit it. Kinda sketchy. My GF just showed up and the receptionist says hey your GF is here you want me to let her back here? I being a smart ass say "hell no!" and she laughs and say Im bringin her anyway haha. Only at county hospitals I swear... They tell me the ins and out sign my life away and all I hear is here comes some meds buddy- zzzzZzzzzZzzzzzZzzzZzzZZZZzzzz Wake up puking and my knee is 3times its normal size. Puke all day every time I move anywhere and it doesnt stop until the next morning but its 3days after now and Im walking which is good and I have a follow up on Thursday. So far so good I guess?

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Esther said...

this girl already knows you're fast LOL