Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Pic

So heres the newest pic the swelling is going away but not very quickly. Its under ace bandage and T.e.d's or whatever you call those cool stocking nylon things that keep everything compressed about 20hours out of the day. Ive been hearing many people were only out 2-3 months after this surgery but Im going to wait 4-5 at the least but I guess Ill see how it feels.

Went to the sk8park yesterday and saw the infamous Red Berry of San Jose Ramp Club. Hehe he doesnt really know me but I know of him and Ive seen him there a few times, said whats up to him but he kinda brushed me off like whatever. Im sure he didnt recognize me cuz I wasnt on my bike and had the whole hoody and fitted cap thing going so he prolly assumed I was selling crack not peeping some kids on the "come up" There was no school in SJ yesterday so it was like go skate day lol like 50 kids just ratting around the park it was chill and I wish that many riders came out for no reason. Endo was with me he did a few airs and we just chilled n talked shit for a bit. On the way to the car saw Danny Silvera also from SJRC days hehe 2 in 1 day who woulda thought huh? He apologized like 35 times for missing my benefit jam but I kept tellin him dont trip man shit happens but he made it clear that he was bummed which was kinda cool i guess, but he shoudl know that weve been cool since the vans days so i wouldnt hate on him. he said he hasnt ridden in few months and then proceeded to 1 hander manual his way down the path lol. That guys awesome. Alrighty enjoy the new pic of my knee and Ill try to keep at this blog yay!

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