Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fresh Knee Pic

Haha how fu%$#ing ugly are my knees? Im gonna take a poll on if I have ugliest knees ever LOL. Anyway thats both of em if you can tell the difference of course. Just wanted to post that up my Moms 45th Bday was tonight so we all hungout played cards cuz were a gambling bunch and your boy made yet another $45 bucks. I was sucking a$$ for like 30minutes I was down to like $2.50 and somehow made the comeback. Tons of fun and Im actually gonna get to bed soon. Been talkin to Dave Wray whos pedaling his race bike across the country right now hes in Austin at the moment and I plan on flying out meeting up with him and clocking a week at the least in riding. It all depends on my money situation at the time I get healthy but I definitely want to do at the least a week or a good 100 miles, keep in mind I have never pedaled my 20" far so those may sound like really lame distances but Iono it doesnt matter to me that venture is the shit and I plan on being able to say I put in some work and helped out. Im going to upload a pic of my race bike soon so be on the lookout for that a few people asked me in an email what I was riding and I told them an all white bike. So pics soon I promise. Its my fav. bike ever since Ive never had a good solid whip now I just have to get healthy enough to clock some results with it. And lastly 19-27X when i get back into it is gonna be stacked haha. Ive been watching the results and seeing whos turning 19 Its gonna be Good.