Sunday, July 19, 2009

Arrived on time but somehow missed our flight while waiting for bikes glad mine even showed up though- ronnie evans, alden volle, and brian carrilo all fell victim to the luggage monster. DR Jason Rogers hermanator and a few other legit dudes were on our flight, and everyone was balled up when we touched down. Sydneys dope though and I now have 3 hours to enjoy it haha. Eating Hungry Jacks which is their version of Burger King, soda here is funny tasting which is good cuz I dont need to drink it anyway :) More updates soooooon!


Anonymous said...

lol just days before and still cant stick to detox from soda :)

hughes said...

you dont drink soda? when did that start last time i saw you, you were sippin on a mtndew 2 liter.