Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ontiveros Podium

Lil Damian Ontiveros won every lap from start to finish until the main where he nailed a 3rd behind defending champ Brock Heffron and another USA rider. Good job Damian, and welcome to the club of fools with W's.

Also noted was Matt Sterling who took 4th possibly 5th at the line congrats as well!


Jamie said...

Good luck today!

Mary & Gabe Veliz said...


We will all be up at 3AM to see you race so ya bettah kick some ass....Our prayers are with you and the team...

Love Auntie Mary

Mary & Gabe Veliz said...


You know i have something to say

Remember the only easy race was yesterdays. Don't stop pedaling.

Pedal as if it was your last race.

Second place is the 1st loser. So bring back the Aussie trophy.

May the strength and the love of God be with you.

Be Safe & win

Love Uncle Gabe