Friday, July 24, 2009


So raced 20" today and was really excited finally and got off to a good start going 2,3,2 in the motos behind 2 australian pro's who are reclassed for Worlds (pretty weak they let you do that I agree but I aint bitchin) So I knew I was fairly on point and running well. I checked the motos and found out that my quarter and subsequent semi were going to be fairly stacked aka hard. So I make the 1/4final which is final 24 guys they take 4 out of each rack of 6 to the semis. I have Tim Sonner from the USA and 4more Aussies, I know me and sonner will get in and the other 2 guys from my previous motos. It aint rocket science get in where you fit in you know? Gate drops I get going and Tim blows his gate, Im runnin 3rd and he's pssing people in panic mode to get back into top 4. He pulls up next to me in the rhythm so hes basically in 3rd since he was in my inside so were set to transfer out. This goon bobbles the last roller in the section, explodes left and guess whos there to catch him and break his fall? Yep good ol nick :) Worlds 20" dreams dashed. Haha whats a joke I was pissed and 2 slow ass guys made the semi. The guys in my first initial moto rack ended up going W3,4,5 in the main so Its annoying knowing I was beating 2 of them but just shady luck had me watchin the final. More update to come I need time to zone out n chill. Thanks for the support everyone and expect a detailed thanks later!


seventotheone said...

That just sucks. But then again we know shit like this happens every time we get on a bike. Sorry to hear that dude. Would have been worse if you had goon rode, instead you got collected by someone elses screw up. Inspired from your trip to AU that I'm going to the track right now to practice!

Esther said...

Bummer dude. Just find some Aussie hoe's to take your mind off it!! Lol. Pee on em.