Monday, July 6, 2009

Roseville Ca

Braaaap! Roseville was this weekend along with the opening of Fresnos BIKE park. We'll start with the opening. Not many cities understand that bmx and skateboarding go hand in hand and most cater to sk8 stuff and leave BMX out of the loop. Fresno aint stupid and they have a smart structure in place to keep all action sports well taken care of. That park is a dream and no other city holds a candle to the things Fresno is doing. I MC'd the day so that was pretty fun I announced everything and it made my voice quite raspy the next day but was super fun and helped out my boy Ryan Garcia. Ben Snowden took the win and $700 cash for his efforts about 500 people showed up throughout the day and it was way rad. Roseville was dope got in pretty late but Jamie Lilly hooked me up with some floor space in her gucci suite and I crashed there for the night, before waking up taking 2 laps of practice and getting a weak 4th on Saturday. Went out with my boys to outback/Kims* and chilled with Rodney and Rob who both did well on Saturday. Oops before I forget Jamie flipped the bars in a basic rhythm section. Haha too funny but it was chill she was ok. Anyway planned on camping but Mike Hughes had the camp site all Lovey status with his wife so I ended up chillin with the boys and talkin shit with Shannon T, Korben/Courtney, Tuttle, and Mc Clintock back at the hotel. Courtney should stopped at a few drinks because she was way off the back Sunday morning- Korben still goin fast and called me a pussy for not ridin class. Got a 3rd on Sunday and still wasnt psyked cuz I havent been holeshotting laps at all which is weird. Anyway gettin a new laptop very soon courtesy of the people speakin and telling me the blogs lacking lately, new digi-cam already got it so expect pics soon and more randomness. Get some!

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