Thursday, July 16, 2009

Text overload!

Another one in the books! Ive been on the road for 5 weekends now not 5 weeks totally but 5 races in 5 weeks before taking off to Austrlia for the Worlds this Saturday night. Haha I swore my flight was Friday but turns out its Saturday so wish your boy some luck and hope the training stint does wonders. Felt awesome at Livermore yesterday and gated with Brad and Al all evening, felt really good and my gate is snappy as can be right now and 2nd and 3rd pedal strokes were coming around nice and strong. I feel good and I was on like 2-3hours sleep lol.

Nashville! Lemme explain this trip before giving the details. I fully intended on going primarily just to drive with Al so he didnt have to ride solo in his pursuit of global BMX announcing supremacy haha. We left the bay straight from my job and got on the road headed to Orange Cove for a quick little city meeting to meet and greet their city staff and pitch them on the BMX program, all went well after hearing the Mayor go off on a newspaper writer in the audience whom he has a past with. It was comical to say the least and kinda cool to see such a small town accept BMX and the new program with open arms and the ball is rolling again on what is a fantastic if not the best facility in California. Ive said it before- the Central Valley has shit dialed.

While in the meeting J Lil was texting back and forth and contributing to my 13,000 texts a month streak, and asked when we were stopping to pick her up. I told her to call our bluff as we were only driving about an hour north of Gucciland LA- Silly girl didnt know what she was getting into. She met us off the 40 west somewhere near Barstow and a far far cry from the glitz and glamour of the GT days hahaha. No first class flight, rental car, or a food budget with jump2jump's budget- simply open road good conversation and 34+ hours to figure out if you love or despise the other 2 people in the car. We stopped at the big cross off 40 west for what must be my 10th time there and its pretty cool and a reason to stretch the legs. Having J to make for a 3rd driver probably saved our tails and it was god to have a little rotation and nobody fallin asleep. We pulled into Nashville and got settled in the room just in time for a short 2 hour nap before the NBL was lookin for Al, so we got on over to the track. They had a brand new pro gate system installed the week before and it was cherry and made a great track even that much better. I personally wasnt a huge fan of the track but all in all Robert the TO there is doing an awesome job and deserves way more credit than he will ever get or accept. Great guy and proof that if you have a strong desire in your track crew you can have a great program. Al insisted that I race even though I told him I was chillin and not risking anything before worlds, but he was having none of that and signed me up anyway. I got smoked first moto and was kinda just off the back and took a 5th LOL then came some light rains and I guess the rain washed away my bad mojo because i then got a 3rd which due to the rain my 3rd counted twice and I made the semi with a 3,3,5 score. Got hooked up with some guy out of the gate and he fell pretty quickly but took my pedals away in the process got into the turn in 6th and pedaled around one kid easily, and had Joey Wolterz ahead of me and in the bubble spot. I had a good run out of the turn and moved to his outside and pulled up along side but he just held me outside so i highlowed the 2nd turn which worked well but had me on the outside in the 3rd turn, again pulled up to pass but he was inside LOL took a 5th in the semi surprise surprise, and was kinda annoyed but definitely felt ok about it all. I pulled out for Sundays race bcause I wasnt having too much fun on the track and was kinda over it. Roybal got moto'd in cruiser, in CRUISER? sheesh. J Lil anchored our team sheet and secured her very first podium on the comeback tour a 3rd with Geving and Dom alongside her. She was psyked as the trip financially wasnt in her plans so she was ballin now that she was spending alises entries LOL

Sunday- Al gets moto'd in 20" haha his bike was having all kinda of issues and I think he learned that you should take it apart unless you have to. J looked good for a top4 but Alise saw a dollar on the ground coming out of the first turn and with Redlines loyalty to riders you never know when you might get the axe so Alise decided to abort the race and grab that dollar being that were in a recession, unfortunately she killed our team sheet as Lil's was right behind her. Alise got the dollar, Dom got 375 of them and locked up the title in the NBL, and Lil took a 7.

Stayed the night Sunday and sampled Nashville and even saw midget wrestling, well we were a week early but it does go down for sure. Hung out listened to Karaoke that was sooo serious and got on the road the next morning headed west. Stopped at the Grand Canyon and took in the sights. Shits large. Pics to be posted soon- Im off to work yeah buddy!

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