Saturday, September 26, 2009

15 South To Whittier!

Woke up after the last night at Tahiti and trotted down to Denny's to knock out this last post before burning down to Whittier to cutoff Nick Tuttle at his local track. Skipped the last day of Interbike I was kinda burned out after a long night at Nora and an early morning the next day, so chilled out by the pool and read the Kurtis Elwell interview in Ride. Good stuff for sure Kurtis is a ripper and has some comments that i fully agree with- "the dudes making 5million are constantly trying to make 10million, I gotta stay hungry" I fully agree Kurtis keep rippin it buddy! Track tonight again which makes it like every other day this week ive ridden a different track and ramped some new turf. Good stuff. Lastly, Cecil is in the hall of fame and you better know and respect your Nor*Cal roots. Nov. 7th 2009 Nor Cal Classic coming soon details being worked out.

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