Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lack of sleep!

Where do I start. The ABA did a stand up job of delivering one of the best races Ive been to in a long time. Dialed facility, SX races, Hall of Fame, the works pretty much. Good Job ABA I dont agree with alot of the stuff you guys do but deliviering a textbook national weekend is always a strong point with that crew. Track was on hit with some good straights a bigger hill than normal and smooth as glass thanks to 85,000 gallons of Soil Tec sealant. Stuff makes tracks like pavement and had the track perfect for 170 motos which was by all means a low count, but still a legit race as I had 8man semis both days. So I get moto'd first day with a good first few pedals but bonked the first jump and in 19-27x thats all it takes to get shuffled back a few positions. Was kinda trippin off gettin motod but didnt care too much. I dont get too wrapped up in results I just try and get better with each race and learn more. My skills are about 25% what they should be on a race bike, so I just like to put in solid laps and let the chips fall where they may. Partied it up at Mike Days afterparty which was odd at first but turned out to be chill. We walked into red circle which is a spot in downtown SD and it was like a pimps hoes kinda party with some tranny action mixed in... Yeah weird- Anyway mike knows the owner so they had like a back room with its own bar for all the 365 party goers, and the tranny section closed at some point in time. Anyway party was good it was a mix of jock doucher racer guys mixed with the occasonal cool guy, a few sluts or whatnot, and some chill people. All in all a good time, shout out Mike for lettin me ride coat tails into the party. Apparently Im "that guy" in his opinion LOL Stayed a bit too late probably because we had an hour drive back to Temecula so myself Alan, Jamie, and her sis Kristin? Dipped home at like 130 or so? Got home at 230 super tired with a wake up time of 630am. Pffffft. Got to the track and made it out second round before making the main with a 2nd in the semi, was pretty psyked to get motod one day then come back and get in the final the next day. Lane 2 was sounding good until I had Dennison Smith and Shankel in 1 and 3. Super sling to my right had me cutoff promptly and Dennison ponied out so I was stuck at the bottom of the turn while the whole pack railed out. Weird lap I tried a few things but when Shankel aint even passing people, I cant be mad that i didnt get around anyone. Chalk me up for an 8th in the main :( Haha not bad though its all about makin the show which I did. Pics below of randomness from the Olympic Training center which BTW if you have the opportunity that place can make you dialed. Smooth track for normal riding, and a top notch SX Facility and USAC stuff here and there to get ur train on. Good things in SD. Party pics too?

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