Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Arrived Safe!

Road trip was definitely off the back when it came to our time in the car. Should have been 32-34 ended up being 48 or so but all in all it was fun. We stopped off in Albuquerque New Mexico and rode a skatepark at 7:15am, I quickly learned pedal grinds on my expensive ass shimano 545's LOL Had some fun and did some tricks on the race bike. It was chill and got some movement and outside of the van for a good hour.-INTERRUPTION- AL ROYBAL FUCK FUCK FUCK HIM. CJ NO FIRST STRAIGHT BUNCH FUCK FUCK FUCK HIM. Haha the side bets have been laid out and the lines of division have officially been drawn in the hotel room. This motherfucker has faith the size of a mustard seed. Anyway enjoy a few pics of the NM skatepark and me grinding some expensive ass pedals. Practice tomorrow you should see some pics from there coming and some BMX at the NBL Grands!

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