Friday, September 4, 2009

NBL Grands Day Three

Day 3 is in the books and it was both up and down. LOL. Started early wakin up with Roybal @630am to get to our cruiser practice which sounded good, but was dead asleep just pretending to ride LOL Got a few laps and my 24" is junk but should be decent I guess? Anyway decide to finally gear down my class bike and I start to get that done when I notice Im getting a migraine :( second one in 2months and was pissed off. Immediately started the search for caffeine and pain pills and luckily all the older women at the track had me going good. Endured the shittyness for about 45 minutes decided to skip my practice and just layed low for the day. Congrats to Austin Hiatt on his win, he's becoming quite the cocky lil shithead but hopefully he will get humbled and be a true great rider both off and on the track. Good job buddy. Sergio Salazar my boy made the elite main with some nasty moves down the last straight, but the domination of Maris continued on, he has locked the title up and shown that he is definitely the truth. Power and skills all in one package, Stump was moving out as well and will be good to watch those two go at it tomorrow. I got a pic! haha yeah psyked I got a pic from Mike Carruth which is good. Thanks buddy- Anthony Napolitan is 110% BMX. Races start tomorrow 2 rounds hopefully I can lock in some low scores and stay upright and not have to work too hard early Sunday. Enjoy life ladies!

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sabrina said...

your new vans and white helmet looking pretty fresh lol, good luck this weekend :)