Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 2 NBL Grands

So day 2 is in the books and it went fairly well for the most part. I practiced a few laps on my 20" and my gear still feels a little big 44-16 is what I run everywhere but a flat hill and a close first jump Ill be going down to a 43 tomorrow. Ramped up most of the stuff in the first 3 laps, and laughed because I cased the 3rd straight like a goon. Whatever though I took care of it a few times in my second round of practice. K time to bitch and complain. $15.00 to practice? Hello assholes we are in a recession and $15 to practice is a fuckin robbery! The NBL or Track or whomever takes $15 a head from each person today and Id safely say 1500-2000 riders and cant even get a nice effin gate? Shit was all raggedy and clapped out. Do something with the cash, maybe even dare I say a MARKETING PLAN?!?! Sheesh. rant over. Rhythm was good just a slew of rollers and step up and table to kick it off I just doubled through and that should be enough to hold off Lee The Flea for the win. Ha we checked nationalk rankings and im a whopping 48 or 49 national number? LOL what a joke. Reno starts tomorrow so ill have pics of that stuff if anyone shoots me them over and the highlight for me of the night was talking to Jimmy Levan who was out and about at the track. Figures my biggest race of the year so far highlight would come courtesy of a conversation with Levan a freestyle cat. Ha. Pics below of the days events, none of me riding but might be a good thing because I sure did move my bars promptly into my lap for fun after a case in the second round of practice. Love it.

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