Friday, September 25, 2009

Interbike Mentionables

Well Im sittin in Denny's after 2/3 of Interbizzle and its been a good time. First time I didnt have anything much to do just chill back talk shit with the Nor*Cal elite in attendance and check out all the same stuff product wise from last year with new graphics. Apparently White is soooo 09' and your gonna be seeing alot of neon's and stuff and more graphics with so much going on your not sure what to think. Layers and layers of logos, haha. As for the Neon colors wht can I say history repeats itself so enjoy it for 2010. Nora Cup was last night- pretty cool party as usual. Hung with my boys and formally met Melissa Buhl who used to race BMX back when it was BIG and has since moved into MTB stuff. She was a pretty cool chick and enjoyed her presence. Kevin Kiraly aka The Pride Of Livermore absolutely destroyed the s&m rail jam. I had called him for the win earlier in the day and was psyked to see him get it done. He knocked out some bangers and some filler stuff while most guys just worked on 1-2 tricks. He beasted up- whip over the rail, bar to ice, hangover tooth, truck down the set, etc. DIALED. Kevins my guy and I live through him so enjoy Hawaii fucker ! What else? Ummmm Lilly is MIA Im not too cocnerned yet but if she doesnt appear you may see her on the side of a milk carton soon :( Hopefully that doesnt happen... Back to SD after another night or so here in sin city. Ima gnna knock out this grandslam and get at ya later. Yeeeeeeeeeee

"Every one of you fuckers that rides owns a small part of BMX. Look after it." GrotBags.

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