Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whats 10 years to you?

So Im about to take off today and Alicia drops it on me that September is the month 10 years ago that we first met and started hangin out! It kinda tripped me out and like I know Ive known her since her freshman year of highschool and all that but you never really realize that shit man thats 10 YEARS! Not much has changed for me in those years when I met her I was just a snot nosed 15yr. old kid who was working to get by and riding my bike as much as possible. She was just a schoolgirl playin volleyball and for some reason got suckered into hangin out with me haha. Fast forward present day she's a nurse which strangely is going to come in handy for me someday I know it LOL, and im still just workin to get by and ridin my bike as much as possible. Kinda crazy when I look back at it, Ive known alot of people for different spans of time and about 10 ppl I still keep in touch with that are about that same time frame. Legit for sure. Thanks Li for being a solid person in my life for a whole 10years now, heres to plenty more!

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