Monday, July 4, 2011

Im not the most political but uhhhh

Another person killed by BART police officers? Come on people that shit is seriously a major problem. I have read a few different news outlets about it all and the way it shakes out is a call came in about a man on a BART platform, to which pair of officers responded, the guy had a knife and was drunk and then no outlet says that he stabbed the officer(s) in question but reports say one of the officers "suffered" light cuts and bruises. Ummm attention you effin idiots. If your a cop and you respond to a drunken guy, why the hell would you even be close enough to get cut/stabbed/attacked etc? Your equipped with tasers! stand your dumb ass 5-10 feet away ask the guy to comply and if he doesnt comply, then start the shock treatment. Its not rocket science people. Being drunk and a douchebag I dont support and I definitely dont back anyone being drunk, in public, and waving a knife around. But I also cant support cops who use deadly force which is a permanent fix, to a temporary problem. Come on guys you got tasers to use in instances just like this. Light the dude up with a few volts, chuckle about it later while he sobers up in the drunk tank and life goes on for everyone. Stop The Violence.

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