Monday, July 11, 2011

Doin it....

BMX Camp #2 kicked off this weekend to the tune of 9 kids from 7-14yrs old and went very well today for only having 1 instructor, yours truly. Apparently my idea for a banner at Calabasas dirt park was somewhat a good idea as 4 of our riders mentioned thats how they got the camp idea. Who knew marketing could be a worthwhile investment? Hmmmm maybe if we had banners and signage for our whole facility at different places around our city maybe we could even generate more customers... Ya think? Stopped by Oscars yesterday to check on the bbq session they ahd going on. Nyquist was going high, there was a good session going on but I never enjoy riding with 12 people on a small deck so I donated some cold pizza and $10 for the entertainment I saw. Notables were Will Grahn, he is co signed as the next big thing to come outta Nor Cal. Ive been watching him for awhile and he now has all the skills to get things done. If he stays away from weed and dumbasses he can do well for himself. But time will tell... Endo was trying flairs but they didnt work out, just more practice will fix him. Nyquists' were riding well and the trails were hittin and I shaded out up to aptos for a 1hour quick hit session at SS. Good times with Jay Fil who sold his MTB and rode a 20". 12 days til worlds! lets doooo this.

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