Monday, July 25, 2011

Jamie Lilly I Apologize.

Thats right. Ladies and gents of my blog I was finally after such a long time of carrying animosity, ill will, or even hatred as some would call it in my heart toward Jamie Lilly I was finally eased of all those negative feelings. I would like to be the bigger person and say Jamie Im truly sorry for all the bad things Ive said about you and rambled off at the hint of even hearing a whisper of your name. The word cunt should never have been used to describe you, and a thief who deserves the wrath of god should never have been wished upon you daily as I requested so religiously. But yesterday I received a comment on my blog and it read " get it son win that race and Ill deposit the $500 I owe you " I thought who could this possibly be, surely you still owe me $900 dollars of the $1,000 you borrowed and then vanished like a vegas magic show, but perhaps I thought maybe my math had been a bit off. Must be. So Jamie again I apologize and thanks for remembering me and making things right between us. Without that stress maybe I can jump now without the weight on my shoulders, yes. Today is a new day and I should have never wished you dead thinking you had F'd me over and head for the hills with my cash and my good indian friends last few dollars to his name. It's moments like this when Im pleasantly shown that not all people are bad, I just make snap decisions and judgments too early. Al Roybal Im sure your next in line to get ssquared up with so drink an extra Pepsi today buddy.

Flip vids of practice today maybe?
Breakfast is delicious.
Austin Hiatt dropped the N bomb in conversation with me yesterday? wtf?
Lifes good players.

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Anonymous said...

hahahahah!!!! Awesome!!!! F- that botch Jamie Lilly! She owes us money!!! hahahaha