Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nor*Cal Cecil Approved!

Big ups to the 1-2 punch and the pride of Manzanita BMX knows as Bubbs Gonzalez and Ryan PettiGREW. Both did outstanding jobs and brought home World Titles today. Bubba was very close to getting nipped at the line, but ry ry took it by a good margin. Bubba some advice from your uncle Nick, shrink that new bike down! Envy Lites in the 1.5 size and wash it and dry it a few times. It looks big on you and had me nervous about your skills. But you stepped up and showed that at the worlds you need not win all the laps just the main event. Congrats again boys. Mr. Ontiveros unfortunately departed in the 1/8 mains when a Brazilian kid made the best of a few small mistakes and laid down a high low with a questionable last straight that shuffled Damian back to 5th. he rode very well in the motos going 2-2-2 and the draw of the racks had him sitting pretty or so we thought into the main :( I'll upload his rounds and stuff from dinner in just a few but as always tough breaks and lesson learned for sure. Love ya kidd lets use this motivation to step up our $hit when we get back home. Fresno is always calling us to session...

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