Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fidel Castro!

Well not exactly but work with me here. Fidel Castro basically dominated Cuba and ran that shit the way he felt was right for just about ever. His not so distant nephew has done much of the same with 21-25 cruiser this year. Enter Phil Castro. Ill give you a little bit of background on myself and Phil and even my other favorite Fresno shredder lil Stevie. If you rewind the clock about 2-3 years I was a young chicken and not as slow as I am now, and Phil wasnt training like he is now. Stevie has always been quick and in the mix so the 3 of us used to shred it up at every state race and I really liked being on the track with those guys. My how times have changed, this jackass got the gym bug put into him and about a year ago started killin me and things just werent the same. Props to him and by all means improve yourself on the track but sheesh its not fun chasin you around all the time. Luckily he is always in the cruiser main before me at nationals so I get to see his mains often. He has put in a serious bid to get 6 wins and go at the nag title this year and Im psyked to see him get out there and go for it. He made the most of an inside gate in LV and walked with the Saturday win before partying and skipping sundays races where a huge crash would have likely given him another win. Ive promised to blog about his results and Im making good on that now. However..... The dude is definitely gay and I have proof, so when he does win the title in 21-25 Ill be selling the proof to the highest bidder. Good job Phil!

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