Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Practice #2!

Just finished up session #2 of practice and it was a doozy. I rolled in for the first sight lap and pumped around just getting the legs warmed up and started the morning off perfectly by blowing out a shimano pedal. F you shimano. Those stupid pedals always just randomly blow up and slide off the spindle without warning. So of course lucky me I get the shit luck at the big race. I swapped out a set and borrowed Lil D's pedals for a few laps but they just werent cutting it :( After stressing out for a bit I went back to the team tent and had the mechanic kinda rig em up for a few laps. So hopefully it works out and stays tight for the rest of the weekend. Felt good and got some laps taken down, the track is good at speed and the only big issue for everyone is that first triple that is just making things ugly for everyone. As always I felt way slow out of the gate and down the hill but that happens with the SX hill. Gonna be a battle of gate starts for the most part. Took a team USA shot and now back at the hotel contemplating walking up the street to get a burger- Yeah Boi...

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