Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lets dooooooo it!

Checked the bags and somehow avoided the nasty looming $600 cloud that was messin with my mind all night. I figured Id check it al curbside flop out a $20 and hope for the best, I knew it was bad when Delta is the ONLY airline that doesnt have curbside checkin! sheeeesh! So I walk in and look for the lube in my carryon to make the raping not so harsh. Luckily someone of a darker shade assisted me checking in and a hawaiian dude printed my tickets, the gift of gab worked out and I got away with just paying $75 for a second bag. I could have easily went with my original plan and loaded it all in one bag and rolled the dice but I was spooked and the risk vs. reward was better paying $75 against paying $600 if things got ugly. Nate Mellone Im going to tell you here and now, follow me to the podium or stay outta my way! Im gonna try and blog as much as I can as often as I can so be checkin back often and hopefully I can finally post the "triumphant Nick @ worlds" blog that has been saved on my mac for 4 years just waiting to be published LOL. Good times, Johnny O and Lil D juss slid through the line with an oversized bag weighin in at 47 pounds hehe clever guys. Aight over n out hit ya from Minneapolis/Amsterdam/Copenhagen. Jyea!

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